Tandon Re-appointment Rights

If you have taught 6 CONSECUTIVE SEMESTERS of the same or similar classes then you may be eligible for your ARTICLE X REAPPOINTMENT RIGHTS according to our contract with NYU.

BUT YOU MUST TAKE ACTION NO LATER THAN APRIL 22! Please read this entire message and use the links provided.

For Tandon adjuncts only: Your “Request to Teach” letter is due NO LATER THAN APRIL 22 to protect your Reappointment Rights for Academic Year September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017.

Article X in our contract with NYU provides that if you follow the proper procedure, you will either be reappointed to your regular classes or be paid the equivalent compensation for one year.

Not following this procedure can make you vulnerable to dismissal without compensation.


If you have taught for 6 Consecutive Semesters of the same or similar classes within a department then you are eligible. “Consecutive” means any semester—Fall, Spring or Summer—in consecutive academic years. As long as you have not skipped an academic year, then you are eligible. If you have reached your “6” in more than one department, then each department is a separate eligibility.


In order to qualify for your Article X Reappointment Rights you must also send in to your department via NYU email your “Request to Teach” letter notifying your department of your availability for reappointment to your regular classes. Without this letter, you will not be eligible for your reappointment rights. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO PROTECT YOUR REAPPOINTMENT RIGHTS. Please also be sure to file your letter with your union via cc: mail@actuaw.org

Because we have recently admitted Tandon adjuncts to the union, your letter is due NO LATER THAN APRIL 22.

For more information, instructions and “Request to Teach” letter template, please visit our information page at: http://www.actuaw.org/wp/?page_id=73

Learn more about your union and our contract at www.actuaw.org.

QUESTIONS? ISSUES? Always contact your union 212-432-2120 or mail@actuaw.org