NYU Contract Highlights

Adjuncts at the NYU-Washington Square campus have secured many benefits and protections for adjuncts in their contracts with NYU since the founding of the ACT-UAW in 2002. It is easy to see how joining the union would benefit NYU-Poly adjuncts, as well. Check out the contract highlights below:

Issue Before Collective Bargaining Results of Bargaining



Unpredictable wage increases and no guaranteed annual increases.


Immediate pay increase of nearly 20% for majority of adjunct/part-time faculty in first contract. Doubling of pay rates in lowest paid departments. Minimum 3% increase for all adjuncts in each year of contract of first contract. Guaranteed annual increases for non-classroom related duties as well. Adjuncts currently make minimum of $5,376 per three contact hour course per week for the semester, 65% higher than before collective bargaining.


Health Benefits


No access to paid health benefits


All adjunct faculty have access to health insurance based upon 40 teaching hours or more per academic year. Depending on teaching hours, premium subsidies from the university can be as high as 100% of the individual premium cost which may also be applied towards family coverage.


Job Security


No job security; unpredictable, last-minute appointments.


After teaching 2 of 3 semesters in three consecutive academic years, good faith consideration to reappointment and after six semesters firm reappointment rights and payments equal to the lost earnings if they were not reappointed to any or all teaching appointments.


Retirement Benefits


No access to retirement benefits.


NYU currently contributes the equivalent of 5% of salary to a tax-deferred annuity for each adjunct. The NYU contribution will increase to 6% on December 1, 2015.


Professional Development


No institutional commitment to professional development for adjunct/part-time faculty.


A university-wide Professional Development Fund, which increases each year of the contract—currently the university contributes $150,000 to the fund and adjuncts are eligible for one grant per academic year of up to $1000.


Office Space and Materials


Uneven to non-existent access to space and materials necessary to perform quality teaching.


NYU will provide reasonable access to office, space, voicemail, e-mail, and equipment for those teaching in credit-bearing, degree programs. All others to continue to receive e-mail and other benefits previously provided.


Dispute Resolution and Non-Discrimination


No neutral, fair dispute resolution process. The only neutral recourse for discrimination or harassment claims was through costly and time-consuming state and federal agencies.


All workplace disputes (including discrimination/harassment) are resolvable by a fair and expedient grievance procedure and, ultimately, appeal to a neutral arbitrator. State and federal agencies can also be utilized for discrimination/harassment claims.


Academic Freedom


No clear policy on academic freedom for adjunct/part-time faculty.


NYU must respect the customary norms of academic freedom based upon the standards developed by the AAUP.


Access to Facilities


Uneven access to campus facilities


Guaranteed access to libraries, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, credit union, and transportation system on the same basis as full-time faculty.


Personnel Files


No guarantee of access or right to respond to material in personnel files


Adjunct/part-time faculty have the right to inspect and respond to content in their employment file



Health and Safety


NYU unilaterally set and enforced any health and safety policies that would apply to adjunct/part-time faculty


NYU contractually-obligated to maintain safe working conditions and to meet twice yearly with Union to discuss matters relating to health and safety.


Maintenance of Benefits


University could unilaterally change terms and conditions.


NYU must maintain any benefit received previously and not explicitly mentioned in the contract unless the Union agrees to change it.