Get Involved

Activism is what makes our union strong. Our volunteer activists participate in membership outreach, take part in organizational and representational activities, and help fellow members when they have a grievance. All members are encouraged to become activists. They are also encouraged to become part of their union’s leadership by running for a seat either on the Joint Council or for an Executive Board position. Our union is run by us — the adjunct and Part-time faculty at NYU and The New School. The more each of us can contribute to the running of our union, the stronger our union will be — and the greater the representation we as an adjunct and Part-time faculty will have within our respective Universities.

Follow the steps below to become more involved in your union:

  1. Contact us to get involved >>
  2. Become a member >>
  3. Become a Steward >>
  4. Become a V-CAP contributor >>
  5. Learn your contract >>
  6. Make sure we have your current contact information so we can keep you informed >>