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Union Leafletting at Inauguration of Andrew Hamilton as NYU’s 16th President

A large group of our ACT-UAW Local 7902 members came out on a gorgeous Sunday morning to hand out hundreds of flyers at the inauguration of Andrew Hamilton as NYU’s 16th president. Leaflets were distributed to guests of the inauguration at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. Our Union is currently in negotiations with the University on a third Collective Bargaining Agreement. While we have made several proposals to improve our working lives at NYU, the University is stalling in its response to most of our proposals, or citing some as “administratively challenging” to them.


(left to right) ACT-UAW Local 7902 President Emily Barnett with members Miriam Frank, Diane Rubino, Mary Helen Kolisnyk, and Elliot Markson outside the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts where the inauguration was held. 


ACT-UAW Local 7902 Adjunct Representative and Steward Joseph Gilford hands out the leaflet to guests of the Inauguration outside the Kimmel Center.


ACT-UAW Local 7902 Recording Secretary, Adjunct Representative and Steward
Ben Coopersmith hands out leaflets in Washington Square Park.

Solidarity and Pride at the 2016 Labor Day Parade

On Saturday, September 10, our Local and many others came out to this year’s Labor Day Parade in New York City.


Our Local’s banner at the 2016 Labor Day Parade.

Jason Resnikoff (newly unionized Columbia grad worker), Letitia James (Public Advocate for the City of New York and long-time ACT-UAW supporter), and Julie Kushner (UAW Region 9A Director).

Labor Day Parade Region 9A Banner held by Joel Schlemowitz (New School part-time faculty and former ACT-UAW President), Julie Kushner (UAW Region 9A Director), and Jason Resnikoff (newly unionized Columbia grad worker).

New School Part Time Faculty Emily Barnett (Local 7902 President) with Beata Szpura (Local 7902 Joint Council Delegate).

Rally for Locked-Out LIU Faculty

On Friday, September 9, many union members and activists came out in solidarity for the embattled faculty at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. The rally and picket line went along DeKalb Avenue and the Flatbush Ave. Extension. News teams from Channels 2 and 4 covered the action. PSC-CUNY provided sandwiches, and many students joined in the protest. Click here for updates.





Local 7902 Proudly Participates in UAW Region 9A 2016 Leadership Conference

Our Local was fortunate to have three outstanding members and dedicated activists from our Local representing us at the 2016 UAW Region 9A Leadership: Mary Barto–ACT-UAW Local 7902 Vice-President; Cate Fallon–ACT-UAW member and one of the original organizers of our Local, and Brenda Choy–member and organizer from the newly organized NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Image may contain: 2 people , beard and outdoor

Pictured are Siavash Samei, an organizer from GEU-UAW local 6950 (UConn), and Brenda Choy, Local 7902, canvassing the Hyannis area as part of the UAW group in support of Congressman Bill Keating’s re-election. Here they check directions on their way to visit potential supporters for Keating.

A Monday morning panel featuring the academic organizing campaigns in our Region. After the strong decision from the NLRB in favor of the grad workers at Columbia, the presentations were well received and the commitment of those working on current campaigns were doubled. While everyone understood that much hard work was ahead, with the support of those in the room and beyond it seemed that they, too, would one day be sitting as full members of the UAW.

Brenda Choy gave a moving personal account of her experience in the recent campaign for the Tandon adjuncts on the Brooklyn campus.

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Monday morning panel on organizing drives in the Region. Pictured right to left: Jack Nicoludis–Harvard grad worker and organizer, Brenda Choy–recently organized member of our local from NYU Tandon school, and Todd Rouhe and Georgette Fleischer–contingent faculty and organizers at Barnard.

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Mary Barto in the foreground listens as the academic organizing panel presents reports on the campaign situation and their plans for this upcoming fall semester.

Tuesday morning began with several presentations on the fall presidential election and several of the important down-ballot races in our region. Special attention was given to races in New Hampshire, Maine, and New York, where it is hoped that Democratic candidates will be voted into office this fall.

It will take a great effort to win all of the seats discussed, along with the White House, but with planning and help from all of the members we can help shape the next four years, both in Washington and in the Region’s local state elections. The Local will be doing outreach this fall and is looking for volunteers to help in the effort.

Later that day we came across the local Democratic campaign headquarters and stopped in for a few minutes and a few photos.


Beware of Teaching Opportunities at LIU Brooklyn

A former member of Local 7902, now teaching at Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus, tipped us off to attempts by LIU to draw “replacement” or scab workers for temporary appointments in the event of a strike while the adjunct population there negotiates their next contract with the University. 


Join Pride @ Work at NYC Pride

This Sunday, June 26, 2016
East 38th Street and Madison Avenue
2:00 pm

We are heartbroken and angry over the hate crime and terrorist attack against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people at Pulse in Orlando, FL. It is a cruel reminder during Pride month that while our community has won some major battles in recent years, many of us still face violence, discrimination, and fear in our daily lives. Over 200 anti-LGBTQ bills were introduced by lawmakers across the country in the last 6 months alone. In our bathrooms, workplaces, dance clubs, and statehouses, the LGBTQ community is under attack.

But we have not come this far just to cower back into the closet. We need to stand together against the hate, fear, and disrespect.

That’s what a union is. We call upon our co-workers, shop stewards, officers, friends, and leaders to march with us in NYC Pride with the New York City Central Labor Council on Sunday, June 26th to make the statement that we will not be intimidated and that the labor movement stands firmly against homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and terrorism.

To RSVP as a Union/Organization:

To RSVP as an Individual:

Facebook Event Page:

Contact for more information.

We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ family in Florida and vow to continue fighting for the safety, justice, respect, and dignity of all LGBTQ people and all working people. 

To support victims financially, click here to donate to Equality Florida.

To join Pride At Work-New York City/Long Island, click here.

Update: ACT-UAW Activists Join Locked Out Honeywell Workers at Green Island Rally


A group from our Local joined others on a bus to Green Island on Wednesday to be part of a rally to support those workers. In the photo above, Local 7902 President Emily Barnett poses at the rally with Mike Belokopitsky, a member of the Green Island Local.

Mike was one of a group of people from that Local that came down to help us when we were first organizing to unionize at NYU. We let him know we were glad to repay this debt.

Sign on to Support
Locked Out UAW Honeywell Workers

Please see the following letter from Karen Scharff of Citizen Action of New York, and click the links to signal your support for UAW Honeywell workers:

The CEO of Honeywell – a giant corporation that made billions in profit last year – made a choice last month. Instead of negotiating in good faith, David Cote locked out 41 workers at the company’s plant in Green Island, NY, a small town just north of Albany.

When Honeywell proposed drastically higher out-of-pocket health coverage costs and eliminating pensions as part of the new contract, workers voted overwhelmingly to protect their rights. Honeywell’s response wasn’t to negotiate. Instead, they locked the union workers out.

Honeywell’s executives led by CEO Cote are on a mission to maximize profit, no matter the consequence to the workers and communities that make the company profitable.

Click here to tell Honeywell CEO David Cote to negotiate in good faith and let these workers go back to work!

Honeywell’s CEO, David Cote, pulled in $34.5 million last year. But for over a month, these 41 workers in Green Island and another 317 at their plant in South Bend, IN have been forced to live without paychecks.

And it doesn’t stop there. CEO Cote has worked to stash profits offshore to avoid paying US taxes – all while being a vocal advocate for raising the Social Security retirement age to keep the program solvent!

Honeywell’s profits-only model is destroying our economy and people’s lives. We need to fight back.

Click here to tell Honeywell CEO David Cote that he shouldn’t put profits before the people who make his company profitable!

Thanks for all you do,
Karen Scharff
Executive Director
Citizen Action of New York

Tandon Request to Teach Info

PLEASE NOTE. FOR TANDON NYU ADJUNCTS 2016 ONLY THE DEADLINE FOR YOUR REQUEST TO TEACH LETTER IS APRIL 22, 2016. The normal deadline resumes for Tandon adjuncts for Dec. 15, 2016. Read full notice >>


ACT-UAW 7902 applauds President Hamilton for raising student worker wages to a minimum of $15/hour. Student workers have become an integral to NYU’s day-to-day operations, and it is refreshing to have communication from the president’s office that recognizes the value of their work.

We also want to acknowledge the efforts of organized labor in making this recognition possible: our union sisters and brothers have worked in the best traditions of labor organizing in this country to bring the plight of underpaid workers in this city and across the country to light, and they have used the resources at their disposal to effect policy changes locally and statewide.

In short, we know that President Hamilton is aware of the campaigning that has brought about his call for a $15 dollar minimum wage for NYU student workers. It may have been rebranded by Gov. Cuomo, but it was invented by unions.

All of this matters deeply at NYU, where close to 3000 adjuncts also ought to have the value of their work acknowledged: a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work.

The contract between NYU and ACT-UAW 7902 expires in a matter of weeks and adjuncts campus-wide are gratified to hear the acknowledgment of right of every worker to fair wages, especially as we begin our own contract negotiations.

NYU Adjuncts Meet Andrew Hamilton,
NYU’s New President

On Tuesday, February 16th, a delegation of NYU activists and members met for breakfast with Andrew Hamilton, NYU’s newly appointed president.  It was very impressive to see nearly 20 adjuncts, wearing their ACT-UAW or “Adjunct Ally” buttons surrounding “Andy” as he prefers to be called.

President Emily Barnett and NYU Unit Chair Chris Rzonca made Andy aware of the union’s importance in the lives of adjunct faculty and also made a strong case for the inclusion of Tandon adjuncts under our contract.

President Hamilton listened and responded by saying he needed to learn more about the Tandon situation and would look into it.  He shook hands with all of our members who each spoke to their individual concerns including the upcoming negotiations insuring a good contract.

In addition, we presented him with a letter of welcome (see below) and thanked him for reaching out to adjunct faculty.  He made it clear this would not be the last time we would meet.

All in all, it is fair to say that President Hamilton knows there is a strong, vocal and united adjunct union at NYU.  For our part, we look forward to working with him to improve the life of adjuncts at NYU.

Here is a copy of the letter (as a PDF) that our President (Emily Barnett) and NYU Unit Chair (Chris Rzonca) handed to President Hamilton: Hamilton-Letter_2-15-16

Flint Water Crisis

Greetings Colleagues,

We are all acutely aware of the Flint water crisis. The response by the UAW has been of tremendous help to the people of Flint.

The Director of UAW Region 1D in Flint Michigan, Gerald Kariem, is securing monetary donations to help the citizens of Flint. Checks should be made out to:

United Way of Genesee County-Water Fund

Please send to:
UAW Region 1D
1940 W. Atherton Road
Flint, MI 48507

The United Way of Genesee County is taking care of the funds with no administrative fees so that every penny will go to aid the residents of Flint. Funds will be used for water, filters and replacement cartridges for the filters.

In Solidarity,
Emily Barnett, President ACT-UAW Local 7902

Historic Win For Tandon Adjuncts At Federal Labor Board!

In an historic and overwhelming victory at the National Labor Relations Board, NYU Tandon School of Engineering adjuncts voted YES for union representation with ACT-UAW Local 7902, representing Adjuncts at NYU and Part Time Faculty at The New School.

With this vote, the Tandon (formerly Polytechnic) Adjuncts unequivocally asserted that they should not be treated differently than the rest of their colleagues at NYU, and deserve the same benefits and protections. NYU can no longer put off negotiating with the Tandon adjuncts – they must now sit down at the bargaining table with the union!

Please check for updates on these negotiations in the coming months, as well as information regarding negotiations for the entire NYU contract during the Spring semester.

We look forward to welcoming our 240 brother and sister Tandon adjuncts into our Local in the New Year!

UAW Wins Historic Victory in U.S. South with Vote at VW Plant

December 4, 2015

The United Auto Workers union won its first organizing vote at a foreign-owned auto assembly plant in the U.S. South on Friday, in a groundbreaking victory after decades of failed attempts.

About 71 percent of skilled trades workers who cast ballots at Volkswagen AG’s (VOWG_p.DE) factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee voted to join the UAW, according to the company and the union.

The skilled trades workers account for about 11 percent of the 1,450 hourly employees at the plant.

If the UAW victory, as expected, survives an appeal by Volkswagen to the National Labor Relations Board, the 164 skilled trades workers will be the first foreign-owned auto assembly plant workers to gain collective bargaining rights in the southern United States.

Read more at Reuters >>

Support The New School Grad Student Workers

The graduate student workers at The New School are fighting for their right to unionize. Please support them by visiting their facebook page:

RAs and TAs Petition NLRB for Unions

Graduate Workers of Columbia (GWC-UAW), the union for 2,800 Columbia University RAs and TAs, and Student Employees of New School (SENS-UAW), the union for over 350 RAs and TAs at the New School, filed petitions at the Manhattan NLRB office to become part of the UAW.
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